Kate Breakey
Kate Breakey
Kate Breakey

Brunch and Artist’s Talk with Kate Breakey

Brickworks Gallery

Featuring work by: Kate Breakey

Kate Breakey’s ‘Nests’ are a collection of austere images of elegant and intricate little objects, printed on silk and delicately hand-colored with pencil.  She has photographed nests for many years and on several continents, as part of a lifetime of fascination with the mysteries and wonders of the natural worlds. A bird makes hundreds of trips to collect the materials to build a nest, which it then weaves and glues together with spider-web, caterpillar silk and saliva. Each species does this instinctively because of ‘genetic’ or race memory--abilities and responses incorporated into its genetic code as the result of the common experience of its ancestors.

Brickworks Gallery will sponsor a "Brunch and Bloody Marys" Artist Talk with Kate Breakey on Sunday, October 14th, from 11:00am-1:00pm. Come meet this amazing, internationally renowned artist and photographer.

Artist's Reception Oct 14 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Exhibition Oct 01 - Dec 31

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