Mallory Brooks

Mallory Brooks: Good Tourist


Featuring work by: Mallory Brooks

Mallory Brooks is a self-taught photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her work focuses on documenting the urban landscape and cataloging the everyday moments of its inhabitants--the people, structures and objects. She seeks to portray the beauty in the ordinary, in the forgotten, and in the overlooked; the scenes of daily life. A wanderer at heart, you can find her out strolling the streets with her camera in hand, getting lost amongst the visual feast that the city provides. Her fascination with cities fuels her passion for photography and she strives to capture the city in a way that even the most unappreciated detail or mundane activity can shine.

This exhibit is a collection of her souvenirs from her travels around the world. As a tourist in the most literal sense--one that makes a tour for pleasure or culture--she's on a quest for discovery in her surroundings, observing and experiencing the city in a way that the typical tourist overlooks or ignores. Her focus is on capturing the moments that reveal a true sense of place, including the details of the urban landscape--colors, patterns, textures-- and the people going about their everyday lives. This work encapsulates her observations as a “good tourist.”

Exhibition Oct 13 05:00PM - 09:00PM


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