"Saltwater Sonnets" by Jamie Zimchek & Mark Little
Jamie Zimchek, Mark Little
Jamie Zimchek, Mark Little
Marscha Cavaliere
Marscha Cavaliere

Maritime Strokes: Where Painting meets Photography

Wing & A Prayer Studio

Featuring work by: Marscha Cavaliere, Mark Little, Jamie Zimchek

Ocean waves. Bold paint beyond. Poetry in motion.
Black ocean swells. Bold paint spills. Passion and poetry on paper.
Here is the sea, dancing. Color spills into its swells. Sublime.
Pure Photography + Punches of Paint = Profound Poetry.
- Jamie Zimchek and Mark Little

Wet slivers of water reflect back Harmony or Discord where the All meets the Mother. We witness from the edge, attempting to capture that moment.
- Marscha Cavaliere

Moderated artist talk featuring photographers Corinne Adams and Marscha Cavaliere on Saturday at 12:00. Also featured is Jamie Zimchek's hand-forged jewelry.

Opening Reception Oct 05 - Oct 06

Artist's Talk Oct 06 12:00pm

Wing & A Prayer Studio

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