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Sistagraphy Celebrates with The Silver Lens: 25 Years of Arts and Activism

Auburn Avenue Research Library

Featuring work by: Sistagraphy

Sistagraphy invites you to our anniversary exhibition entitled, The Silver Lens: 25 Years of Arts and Activism. For our anniversary exhibition, we focused not only our contribution to the arts but also the activism. As reminded by our founder, shelia turner, “Sistagraphy has always been very involved in activism in Atlanta and other outlying areas.” Through imagery, past and current, our members continue to exhibit their activism through their chosen art form. Sistagraphy has brought much character to the arts diaspora in 25 years and will continue.

The exhibition previously scheduled for Oct. 12-14 at Intimate Interiors International has been postponed.

Exhibition Jul 15 - Sep 23

Auburn Avenue Research Library

101 Auburn Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30303
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(404) 613-4001

Mon, Fri: 12 – 6PM
Tue, Sat: 10AM – 6PM
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