Jill Frank



Featuring work by: Jill Frank, Adam Pape

'A picture that had the shape of being shaped, and a meaning seemingly conjured somewhere deep in the camera, in the transformation from thick world to flat picture, from presentiment to poem.' - Tod Papageorge

What if the picture’s shape is not singular or static, but is endlessly shaped by desire, love and shame? What if flatness didn’t lack? What makes thickness? What is the thickness of our relationships? Photographer to subject, performer to audience, stranger to stranger? The Photographs in “ Star-Quellers” by Jill Frank and Adam Pape alternately present these questions via the fullness of the individual photograph or the narrative of the extended moment. Their resulting pictures have a conversation about social rituals, play, and public space. Here the ‘casual or the mundane is transformed by the camera and the formal Photographic treatment reveals or alters moments and subjects. Via this exchange, weather by dark of night or light of day, it is possible to discover a mystery, a mystery that is right there for everyone to see.

Opening Reception Oct 13 7:00 - 10:00

Exhibition Oct 13 - Nov 17


137 Mobile Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30305
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