Kemachat Sirichanvimol
Yinyao Yuan
Yinyao Yuan

The Great American Road Trip

The Garcia I Wilburn Gallery

Featuring work by: Hsuan Chung, Kemachat Sirichanvimol, Jinyao Yuan

With sleeping bags packed and a rooftop tent mounted on their trusted 4Runner, Hsuan Chung, Kemachat Sirichanvimol, and Yinyao Yuan, set out for a road trip, in December of 2017, to explore the American West. The photographs in The Great American Road-Trip are based the road trip which explore New Mexico, Arizona and Utah that often feature the same places but reflect their unique cultural backgrounds and experiences.

Hsuan Chung, Taiwan
Kemachat Sirichanvimol, United States/Thailand
Yinyao Yuan, China

Opening Reception Sep 07 6:00PM

Exhibition Sep 07 - Sep 15

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