(left) Shine Huang (right) Phillip Mosier
Shine Huang
Shine Huang
Phillip Mosier
Phillip Mosier

Two Photographers: Shine Huang and Phillip Mosier

Georgia State University Perimeter College

Featuring work by: Shine Huang, Phillip Mosier

Two photographers/ two exhibits document and focus two specific areas of American culture:

'Carry the Ocean' by Shine Huang is a project focusing on Ethiopian immigrants’ communities in Atlanta. It is an exploration into culture, difference, communication and shared immigration experience. In the past three years, he went to Ethiopian families to take portraits and daily objects on black and white film. While celebrating a culture outside of his own, he says he finds a parallel in his own experience as an immigrant to the United States. He sees communication, respect and acceptance as central to this project.

Phillip Mosier has photographed 'The Armed Forces Bowl' at Texas Christian University for the past seven years, respectfully documenting current military soldiers and inductees who are willing to fight for our country. He says through his work he attempts to escape the photographer's objectifying gaze by interviewing his subjects in order to discover and bear accurate witness to culture through their individual lives.

Shine Huang is an international photographer based in Atlanta, with an MFA in photography from Savannah College of Art.

With an MFA in photography from Yale, Phillip Mosier is a photographer based in Decatur, and an instructor at GSU Perimeter College.

Artist's Reception Oct 03 6 PM - 8 PM

Exhibition Oct 01 - Dec 13

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